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Innovative Uses for Keon Accessories: Elevating Your Sensual Experience

Author: Faye Case Published at: Apr, 4 2024 Hits: 19

Exploring the Pleasurable Possibilities with Keon Accessories

The Keon by Kiiroo has become a staple in the world of interactive pleasure, providing an immersive experience that's further enhanced with the right accessories. Let's dive into some creative and pleasurable ways to utilize these accessories for a heightened experience.

Maximizing the Keon Phone Holder

Adaptable to most phones given its 125mm maximum opening, the Keon phone holder ensures a seamless view of interactive content without straining your neck. It's not just for the Keon; use it to secure your phone to furniture or railings for hands-free enjoyment.

Keon Multifunctional Pillow: A Versatile Delight

The multifunctional pillow opens up a world of positions like the cowgirl's milking machine in both front and reverse configurations, the ragdoll for a doll-like experience, and the Boston Dynamics position for a more dynamic approach. You can even challenge yourself with the Standing Ovation or Bodybuilder stances for a workout with pleasure.

Keon Hand Strap: Control and Comfort

The Keon hand strap, when worn correctly, provides a comfortable and stable grip on your device, allowing for various positions like 'The twist cap' and 'Kettle my bells' for a more controlled experience.

Keon Neck Strap: Creativity Unleashed

The neck strap affords you hands-free pleasure in both sitting and standing positions. 'The photographer' and 'The catfish' positions are just the beginning; embrace the 'No escape' stance for a touch of bondage play with a partner controlling the Keon.

Keon Table Clamp: Stability Meets Pleasure

The Keon table clamp provides a secure attachment to sturdy surfaces, offering stability for your Keon during use. Ensure safety and protection for your furniture while exploring various heights and angles for your ultimate satisfaction.

Keon Dildo Adapter and Vacuum Lock Dildo: Endless Exploration

The dildo adapter unlocks a universe of possibilities with its vac-U-lock connector, fitting a vast array of dildos. Insertion and removal are straightforward, but remember to handle with care. Proper maintenance of the adapter and dildo ensures a clean and safe experience every time.

Refueling Lube Mid-Session

Need a lube top-up? There's no need for a full stop. A simple pause, a squeeze of lube into the back cap, and you're ready to resume the slick, smooth pleasure without missing a beat.

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