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A Year in Review: Kiiroo’s Groundbreaking Sexual Health Innovations of 2023

Author: Nancy Mata Published at: Apr, 4 2024 Hits: 94

Kiiroo's Sensational Lineup: Highlighting the Best of 2023

The year 2023 has been a landmark period for Kiiroo, filled with innovation and excitement. We kicked things off with a bang, introducing the Reagan Foxx stroker on January 4th, which provided warmth during the chillier days. Not long after, the Rachel Starr stroker made its debut in time for Valentine's Day, becoming a favorite among our patrons.

Understanding the need for durability, we offered a new option on March 10th - a standalone KEON compatible case that allows enthusiasts to integrate third-party sleeves for an enhanced experience.

April and May were bustling with the arrivals of Daphne Laat and Kayley Gunner strokers, the latter teasing an exciting development with its innovative sleeve shape and compatibility hints on the packaging. Following closely, Tanya Tate's stroker joined the lineup, adding to our collection of PowerBlow compatible products.

Kiiroo's diverse range of interactive sex toys

The anticipation culminated with the PowerBlow's launch on July 11th, which witnessed a swift sell-out, underscoring the product's popularity. Complementing this new sensation, the Victoria June mouth stroker also made its premiere, offering a complete experience of the Feel Star's anatomy.

Responding to the community's desires, we introduced the FeelSensation, our first non-anatomical stroker, on July 25th. The year also saw the release of the extra tight butt stroker and the innovative Feel Glow, a glow in the dark stroker, perfect for Halloween festivities.

With nine new strokers introduced and several existing models upgraded for PowerBlow compatibility, July proved to be our most prolific month. The busiest span of the year was from April 20th to July 25th, with six new products launched in just three months.

The longest interval between releases was a mere 2.5 months, ensuring our customers always had something fresh to anticipate. Standing out in the year's releases, the Feel Glow's unique glow in the dark feature and the PowerBlow's rapid sell-out were noteworthy highlights.

We are immensely thankful to our community for embarking on this journey with us and are thrilled to bring more innovation and pleasure into your lives in 2024.

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