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From Strategic Partnerships to Technological Innovation: A Deep Dive with Kiiroo CEO Toon Timmermans

Author: Sadie Ray Published at: Apr, 4 2024 Hits: 20

Exploring Kiiroo's Innovative Partnerships and Growth: Insights from CEO Toon Timmermans

In a recent enlightening exchange, Toon Timmermans, the CEO of Kiiroo, engaged in a comprehensive discussion with Natasha Turner, a correspondent for Future of Sex.net. The interview, titled 'Kiiroo Plays to Its Strengths with New Round of Sex Tech Partnerships,' offers a deep dive into Kiiroo's ventures over the past year.

Highlighting the significant strides in product releases during 2017, Timmermans spoke about Kiiroo's strategic alliances with leading figures in the adult entertainment industry. An important development was Kiiroo's collaboration with OhMiBod, a prominent US-based sex tech enterprise, culminating in the unveiling of 'Fuse,' a dual-stimulation interactive G-spot vibrator.

'Fuse' stands out with its compatibility across the Kiiroo ecosystem, enhancing its appeal for interactive webcam performances. Featuring a multi-colored LED light, it offers a visual representation of vibration intensities to the audience.

The conversation then shifted to Kiiroo's technological ethos, emphasizing the company's choice for an open system akin to Android over a closed system. This strategic decision has facilitated the incorporation of Kiiroo's interactive technology into a diverse range of products, from sex saddles to G-spot vibrators and male masturbators.

The interview also touched on Kiiroo's remarkable financial ascent since its inception in 2013, with Timmermans revealing a staggering 500% revenue growth over the past year. Additionally, the company's recognition within the industry has surged, evidenced by a slew of awards and nominations for Kiiroo's innovation, technology, and team in the upcoming year.

While Timmermans teased upcoming devices slated for 2018, specifics remain under wraps, piquing curiosity for future announcements.

For a full exploration of Kiiroo's impactful journey and future prospects, the detailed interview is available on Future of Sex.net.

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