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Exploring the Nuances: Kiiroo's Feel Butt Stroker vs. Feel Sensation

Author: Harriett Clark Published at: Apr, 4 2024 Hits: 30

Comparing Kiiroo's Feel Butt Stroker with the Feel Sensation Model

Exploring the world of non-vulva shaped masturbatory aids, two standout options are Kiiroo's Feel Butt Stroker and the Feel Sensation. These options cater to different preferences and provide unique experiences.

The Feel Butt Stroker boasts an anus-shaped opening and abstains from mimicking any other body parts, offering a gender-neutral option. It's available in two skin tones, allowing personalization based on individual tastes. With a tight entry and a spiraling inner texture, it facilitates easy penetration without necessitating manual support. The design includes a large initial chamber perfect for gentle stimulation or more vigorous full-length motions.

On the other hand, the Feel Sensation is designed for those seeking a non-representational experience. Available solely in black, it features a wider and less constrictive orifice, coupled with a uniform beaded interior, making it ideal for stamina training. The sleeve's thicker anterior portion provides added pressure against the pubic area for those who enjoy deeper penetration.

Unique to the Feel Sensation is its compatibility with the PowerBlow accessory, which can significantly enhance intensity through strong suction, offering a customizable experience.

For aficionados of edging and interactive content using the Keon, both strokers serve well. The Feel Butt Stroker's varied texture, with its tight opening and spiral chamber, can make for unpredictable and challenging sessions. Conversely, the Feel Sensation's consistent texture promotes a more predictable and potentially less intense experience, depending on personal preference.

Both models are comparable in weight and size, though the Feel Sensation is marginally longer, which may be a consideration for those requiring extra length. It's important to note that those with penises exceeding the length of the stroker can remove the end cap to accommodate size, proceeding with caution during removal.

The Feel Sensation's narrowest point measures 0.8cm in diameter, while the Feel Butt Stroker is slightly more generous at 0.9cm, widening to 3cm. Both are optimized for penile diameters ranging from 2 to 4.5 centimeters.

Those with greater girth may find fitting challenging. However, the PowerBlow can be used with the Feel Sensation to increase suction and stimulation for those with narrower girths, as the Feel Butt Stroker currently lacks full PowerBlow compatibility.

Comparing within the FeelStars collection, the Feel Sensation aligns closely with the original Feel Stroker, whereas the Feel Butt Stroker shares similarities with the Alexis Fawx sleeve. Keep in mind, this comparison is subjective and based on personal experience.

An updated model, the extra tight version of the Feel Butt Stroker, maintains the original's length but offers an even snugger fit at 0.6cm in diameter at its tightest. The absence of a larger chamber immediately after the entrance results in more immediate intense stimulation. This model is best suited for those within the 2cm to 4.5cm diameter range, as it may be too constrictive for larger sizes. The texture is akin to the original but with a more uniform gripping sensation.

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