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Exploring Solo Pleasure: The Pillow Ride Technique

Published at: Apr, 1 2024 Hits: 22

Exploring Solo Pleasure: The Pillow Ride Technique

Discover a straightforward and enjoyable method for self-stimulation with the Pillow Ride technique.

Pillow Ride Masturbation Technique

Difficulty Level

Beginner: This is a simple and delightful masturbation method that anyone can try.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick and straightforward method to enhance your masturbation experience


  • The absence of penetration might make it more challenging for some to reach orgasm


Begin by placing a large pillow on a flat surface, such as a bed or the floor. Straddle the pillow with a leg on each side. Proceed to move your genital area back and forth across the pillow. This motion can provide excellent clitoral stimulation. To add another layer of pleasure, consider sliding a vibrator between the pillow and your body.

Expert Tip

While a standard pillow can suffice, for enhanced comfort and support, consider using a position aid such as the high-density foam Liberators. These are specifically designed to bolster your body during intimate activities and often include machine-washable covers for hygienic maintenance.

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