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Exploring Mutual Masturbation: A Guide to the 'Naughty Show' Position

Published at: Apr, 1 2024 Hits: 14

Exploring Mutual Masturbation: A Guide to the 'Naughty Show' Position

For couples who enjoy shared intimate experiences, the 'Naughty Show' masturbation position is a delightful addition to their sexual repertoire. This position is not only suited for solo pleasure but can also act as a tantalizing prelude to further intimacy, setting the stage for a more connected sexual encounter.

Couple Engaging in 'Naughty Show' Masturbation Position

Difficulty Level

Basic: This is a straightforward position that is accessible to all couples, regardless of experience level.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: The position is comfortable and uncomplicated to adopt.
  • Cons: It may be challenging to incorporate certain types of sex toys while maintaining the position.


Begin by sitting opposite each other on a comfortable surface such as a couch or bed. Prioritize your comfort to ensure a more enjoyable experience. Initiate the encounter by gently caressing your own body, focusing on areas that are particularly receptive to sensation such as nipples or genitals. As arousal builds, dedicate one hand to stimulating your genitalia while the other continues to explore other erogenous zones. It's important that your partner has a clear view of your actions, as the visual aspect can significantly enhance arousal. Establishing eye contact, vocalizing pleasure, and engaging in erotic dialogue can further intensify the experience. For those with a penchant for power play, consider incorporating commands or directives from your partner. The 'Naughty Show' can serve as a sustained form of pleasure or a stepping stone to further sexual activity.

Eve's Tip

To add an extra layer of excitement, consider introducing sex toys such as vibrators or male masturbators into your play. This can provide varied sensations and amplify the overall experience.

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